Visual Tasks

Automating Visual Tasks

We bring the next generation of computer vision algorithms to the industry and help our customers understand their physical environments automatically.



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Our Technology

3D vision
Machine Intelligence

Machine Intelligence

Our system detects scenes defined by the client. Whether involving humans, machines or an interaction between the two, our algorithms can identify them.

3D Vision

At Mantis Technologies, we use state-of-the-art 3D cameras, allowing us to capture interactions between objects, that regular camera systems miss.


All our systems run in real-time, meaning they can instantaneously trigger a predefined action.

Use Cases

Industrial SafetyIntrusion DetectionProcess Surveillance

Industrial Safety

Our action detection algorithms paired with state-of-the-art 3D vision sensors detect dangerous situations before they happen and thus allow for a safer work environment.

Process Surveillance

Our scene detection algorithms can analyze industrial processes in real time and provide quantitative efficiency measures, all while strictly protecting privacy.

Intrusion Detection

By fusing several 3D cameras, we detect intrusions with a higher accuracy than regular 2D cameras. Moreover, we detect objects to reduce false positives and provide more detailed information.

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