Mantis Technologies is an acknowledged ETH Spin-off in the field of Computer Vision. At Mantis Technologies, it is our mission to bring the third dimension into industrial camera applications and build smarter visual systems for safer and more efficient industrial processes. Combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, we strive to enable human-level vision.

The name of our company derives from the Mantis Shrimp. Just like our team at Mantis Technologies, the Mantis Shrimp with its unique visual system is an expert when it comes to inspecting and understanding its environment in 3D.

About Us

From left: Kevin Anschau Schwarzer, Tobias Stegemann, Joel Bachmann, Carl Biagosch. The Founding Team of the Computer Vision Startup Mantis Technologies at ETH Zurich.

Our Team

Mantis Technologies was founded in 2019 by a team of robotics engineers from ETH Zürich, one of the world's leading universities. We met during our times at ETH juniors, ETH's student consultancy, where we led several industry projects in the field of 3D Vision and quickly understood the vast market potential of automating human sight.

Kevin Anschau Schwarzer
Joel Bachmann
Carl Biagosch
Tobias Stegemann

Working at Mantis

At Mantis Technologies, we're always looking for talented individuals that share our passion for artificial intelligence and computer vision. Working with us, you would be part of an ambitious and dynamic team that is rethinking visual automation.

Open Positions